Way of Working & Rates

foto_tolken_1Different rates apply to the different activities ABBT offers: interpretation, translation or international credit collection. In the case of long-term assignments or regular consultations, she will make a customized quotation to meet your needs. Please, contact ABBT for more information.

Interpreting and credit management

Interpreting rates are fixed and set at an hourly rate. A special rate applies to travelling time, preliminary meetings and preparation time.



Translation rates vary depending on the text, language combination and length. Price is usually calculated according to the number of words in the source text and with deduction for repetitions.

ABBT follows a standard procedure and bases the rate offered on the language combination, the level of technicality of the document, the subject matter, the turnaround time, and the linguistic quality of the source document. Do not hesitate to send us your document to obtain your free quote. ABBT will generally be able to send you a quote without obligation within a few hours. Needless to say, all documents are treated with strict confidence and are automatically destroyed if the quote is not accepted.


ABBT’s quotation includes:
  • the translation
  • the compilation of a multilingual terminology list (for internal use to ensure consistency of terms within and between documents)
  • spelling check
  • proofreading by translator of the source text
  • proofreading by a second translator without the source text (this editing round is to ensure fluidity and eliminate any errors, typo’s. etc. the translator might have overlooked)
  • final spelling check.

“Translation is not a matter of words only:

it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture”

ANTHONY BURGESS (1917 – 1993)


Royal Van Zanten
Ministerie van Justitie
Geboortes & Zo

Tolk Engels, is dat nog nodig in Nederland?

Hoewel deze vraag veel gesteld wordt is het antwoord een volmondig “ja”. Simpelweg omdat buitenlanders vaak geen snars begrijpen van ons Dunglish.
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In addition, ABBT is:
  • a member of the Dutch Interpreters and Translators Guild, NGTV
  • a certified interpreter and translator (Master of Arts in the field of Interpreting from the HUBrussel)
  • SIGV-certified (Dutch logo_ngtv_1Association of Court Interpreters and Legal Translators)
  • sworn interpreter (rBTV # 2932)
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