In·ter·pre·ting (noun, plural): the act or process of translating spoken words into a different language, to translate orally. This is not only about translating words as the essence and tone of the message must be relayed to listeners.
Simultaneous interpreter: someone who orally translates while the speaker is speaking.
Consecutive interpreter: someone who orally translates after the speaker has finished speaking.

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trans·la·tion (noun, plural: ~s) the act or process of translating a text into a different language, especially in writing.

Annemarie Bult specialises in business texts and legal documents. She is a sworn translator registered at the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators.

A sworn translation is attached to the original text or copy thereof, initialled and if necessary legalised by apostille or otherwise so that the translation has the same legal validity as the original.

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Multilingual credit management

cre·dit ma·nage·ment is the process of controlling and collecting payments from customers with the goal of collecting outstanding debts as effectively as possible: getting paid on time while minimising the risk of non-payment and reducing the time and effort spent.
Annemarie Bult is an experienced cash collector and can collect your receivables for you in five languages, from the ABBT office or from your office.

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In addition, ABBT is:
  • a member of the Dutch Interpreters and Translators Guild, NGTV
  • a certified interpreter and translator (Master of Arts in the field of Interpreting from the HUBrussel)
  • SIGV-certified (Dutch logo_ngtv_1Association of Court Interpreters and Legal Translators)
  • sworn interpreter (rBTV # 2932)
Annemarie Bult Business Translations

Emmastraat 31
7411 EK Deventer
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)570 866 925
M +31 (0)6 534 220 35


Chamber of Commerce registration (KvK) 08193564